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Teri's Treasures
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About the Artist:

Teri Yunes is an up and coming, self-styled artist in Atlanta, Georgia. She is married to a retired airline pilot and after raising her 2 children, she returned to her passion of painting professionally. She is best known for her style of painting which is a combination of illustrative realism and modern Americana. Born in New Jersey, her love of the ocean and travel has influenced her art over the years such that one will automatically recognize scenes from around the world. Her artwork, done in either oil or acrylic, will draw one's attention to the minute details that give the viewer that warm feeling and sense of Deja Vu, a feeling that sometimes conjures up childhood memories or that sense that "I've been there before".  She continues to inspire new artists by sharing her techniques in classes she has held over the years. Her popularity has grown steadily as word of her talents has spread through the community and beyond. Please take a moment and enjoy viewing a sampling of her works here. 

About the artwork:

All the original pieces seen here have been done in oil or acrylics. The artist's attention to detail can be seen in every piece. They have been recreated on canvas using the Giclée process which is a high quality museum product. The inks used are waterproof and UV protected and should last about 75 years or more. All pieces are covered by our 100% money back, 60-Day Guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Giclee Reproductions

Reproductions known as Giclée (meaning 'to spray', and pronounced Zhee-clay) were originally developed in 1989. This is a plate-less method of fine art printing. Images are scanned and digitally stored in a computer. Each image is then sent individually to a very sophisticated and expensive high-resolution printer. An extensive proofing process is done to make sure each image is acceptable to the artist. No glass or matting is used.

The resolution (dpi or dots per inch) provide incredible detail and the color results are brilliant. The dpi of 1800 are actually higher than traditional lithography, which has a dpi of 300. This higher dpi allows the colors to be crisp and rich. The benefits of Giclée reproductions are numerous. Giclées sell for a small fraction of the cost of an original painting. Giclée prints offer richness, detail and depth that will set them apart from traditional offset lithography. Many well-known artists are having Giclée reproductions made and many art museums are including Giclée reproductions as well. 


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